Thursday, May 24, 2007

Christina Aguilera

Here are pictures from the Christina Aguilera concert last night.
It was so much fun and so fantastic. Her voice is so powerful.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going to San Diego... see CHRISTINA AGUILERA LIVE!
I won two free tickets to a special performance by Christina Aguilera at the San Diego Civic Theatre.
It is Wed. the 23rd at 8pm. So Vanessa and I are leaving tomorrow morning (or rather this morning) for San Diego and will return Thursday morning bright and early.

I'll post pics!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

my addictions

in no particular order, these are my addictions. they are mostly, if not all, positive ones. you're not obligated to read this.

1. i am addicted to facebook. i used to be addicted to myspace then i deleted it and got hooked on facebook. i have since gotten a new myspace and luckily am not addicted to it like i used to be. but when it comes to facebook i change my profile pic way too much, i am always updating my status. i make myself sick.

2. i am addicted to staying up late. i can't help it. i love it when everyone goes to bed and i can finally have real time to myself. i listen to music and just surf the web or just sit and think. sadly this doesn't help me in my issue with sleep. i can't fall asleep easily and so i can't wake up in the morning. even if i go to bed before midnight, i won't fall asleep until well after 2am. then once asleep i am a very heavy sleeper and my body wants to keep sleeping until i have gotten the right amount of sleep. however, my life with school etc does not permit this with the late night schedule i like to keep.

3. i am addicted to music. it is my escape. i listen to music every chance i get. u can bet that if i am in my room i will be listening to music. any music, random music. because music is my escape, if i am playing my music so that you can hear it, there is a good chance u can tell my mood by the kind of music i am playing.

4. i am addicted to theatre. i need it. without it i have no drive in life. it is the reason i was put on this earth, i believe this more and more as i progress in the theatre program here at Westmont. it is the only area in my life where i feel i can excel and will receive appreciation and respect.

5. i am addicted to my friends. i love one-on-one time with my friends. i prefer that over going out with a big group. i also love hanging out with a small group of friends. but i really love just spending time with one or two of my friends. really getting to know them. finding time to just goof off to time spent discussing the new chapters in our lives.

6. i am addicted to GOD. i'm pretty sure that i don't need to say much here. most of, if not all, my friends are addicted to Him too. without Him i wouldn't be who i am today, where i am today. without Him i don't know if i could carry on in this heartless world.

7. i am addicted to my family. i love them so much. along with God, i them them with every fiber of my being, all my heart, soul, and mind. i would give my life to save any member of my family. while i am on the journey to find out who i am living dependent from parents, i find that i will never completely be independent from them. they are a big part of who i am today. they raised me and continue to do so today. they provide much needed support and guidence.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Week Down...

...Four to go.
I can't believe how fast time seems to be moving.
soon mayterm will be over and i'll be home for summer.

summer plans:
-get job at Disneyland
-get my license!!!!
-work at Jameson Brown
-catch up on House and LOST
-road trip or mini vacation with Tess and Stacy
-camping trip with Dad, brothers and maybe others
-visit Hayley in San Clemente
-buy and read Harry Potter 7/Go with Helen to a Harry Potter book 7 release party
-work, play, relax

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


mayterm classes have started.

christian doctrine is going to be a little bit of reading and work.
i have reading every night and a quiz every friday. plus a 8-10 research paper due june 4.

fitness by the sea i hope will be fun.
for class i can just run/walk at the beach. i do have to do a little outside of class stuff, 75 hours a week outside of class activities. shouldn't be too bad i've already done 30min for this week.

no shuttle service during mayterm. this makes me a sad panda.

so mayterm will be over june 8 and then i'll come home for the summer