Tuesday, April 25, 2006

good day

today (monday that is) was overall a good day. i had a good talk with Helen today. i appreciate how we can talk about real issues and deep stuff and be comfortable about it.

i also watched some of the swim meet that both Helen and Cory participated in. i was impressed. they are very good swimmers. Helen is a crazy fast swimmer!! i was blown away.

work was slow again but not boring. hayley was there and there is never a dull moment with this girl. plus terri-ann is a good supervisor. it was a fun time.

then i went to Starbucks with Cory. we got time to just chat and hang out. discussing things from next semester to old crazed drama teachers. good times.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I want this!!

I wanna get this laptop. I know I already have a laptop and a fairly nice one. But when I bought it I bought it for school and for entertainment too. Now I have other entertainment devices likea TV and DVD player and do not need a laptop with a widescreen etc. Right now I'm just thinking about it and we'll see what happens.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Do You Want the Bad News First or the Good News?

So I woke up feeling slightly sick this morning. Just sick enough that I decided it would not do me well to go to voice and speech class, on a count of the fact my thoart hurt like crazy-go-nuts and I could barely breathe through my nose. So I did not go to class. This is extremely bad timing. I CAN'T GET SICK NOW!! I need to be able to finish this semester. It also does not help in the slightest that I have been losing good sleep. Yes I sleep in fairly late on Tuesdays and Thursdays but it is not sleep that helps me feel better. I throws off my sleep pattern and makes me get sick. I just want to ask for prayer for me and that I can finish this semester fairly strong.

A little bit of good news: I have been invited to go home with Cory for Easter Break. I am extremely appreciative of his offer as I don't think going home before finals is a good idea. Especially when my brain and body are more than ready to check out for summer. I would just get comfortable being home too much that it would kill me to have to go back and finish with finals.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

oh David Bowie...

random blog time!!!
so we have finally reached the final month of school. I can't believe it. My first year of college will be over soon. This is our last full week of school and the rest are four day weeks. So cool.
Speaking of Easter break coming up... so far I guess I'm planning to just go home. Unless I were to be extended an invitation to go home with someone. I kinda don't wanna go home to only then be home again for summer so soon. Kinda want to spend as much time with my Westmont friends as I can before summer vacation.
I have an Old Testament test tomorrow. I don't know how well I will do, but i did study with Colleen and I think that did help. I will use some of my free time before class tomorrow to study too.

(just to explain the bowie stuff we recently watch the Labyrinth with him in it...plus i bought the soundtrack)