Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Life goes on....

Oh my how time just seems to soar by.
I can't believe that this semester is half over already. We are already going to have a talk next Monday about housing for next year. I am going to try to join Cory, Dylan, Luke, and a few others who are unknown as of yet in a suite in VK next year. I really hope that it works out.

I am so excited and yet very nervous about Potter's Clay. I realized tonight at my group meeting that I will probably end up riding in a car with people not in my VBS team group because of odd numbers of seats in cars. And I will be tenting with guys I probably have never met. I am really looking forward to the trip though because my team is great and I can't wait to do VBS stuff with them. Plus it will be my first trip to Mexico!!

The past couple of days I have been feeling really homesick. I realized how much I really miss my brothers. I miss the times we'd stay up late chillin' in my room and just talk. I can't wait to see Nick and Brad again. I am really looking forward to Nick coming up in April. It will be so fun. I aslo can't wait to see my parents again when they come up to see Spring Sing. I miss my friends soo much!! I miss Tess and Stacy sooo much. I also miss Katie, Pat, and Shannon mucho. I can't wait until the six of us can be reunited. Oh such good times.

Although I can't wait for summer because I'm so done with classes and school, I don't want to leave my friends at Westmont! I am glad that Helen and Colleen live nearby and that I will be able to see them over the summer break. When I get my license this summer I think it would be so cool to take a little road trip and visit say Monique or Cory in nothern cali.

I am thinking as I type this entry that I really should be in bed as I have a class at 8am tomorrow morning and the current time is 12:30am. So I shall wrap up this decently long entry.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just one word....HYPER

( if you look close in the last pic i am holding a very small wand )

This is what happens when I get hyper. And Cory made the mistake of falling asleep during the movie. Ahh four-day was awesome!! SO many inside jokes were created...well maybe "SO many" but it was good times for sure!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I got yet another haircut

Last night we cut hair. Tyler cut mine and I didn't think to get my camera until after my hair was done. So we had to take pictures because Cory was getting a mohawk. And well as you can see he did.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Crab Hunting

Last night we went crabbing. Cory, Tyler, JC, Dean, and Myself went out around 10ish and fished for crabs til well after midnight. It was so much fun! The first one we caught was farily small and faked being dead and we weren't sure for a while if it was alive or dead. But it was alive. Throughout the night we caught severval crab but only brought back to Westmont three. A small one, a medium one, and a large one. The last one we caught was the large spider crab. It was amazing.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spring Sing Kick Off

Wednesday night was the Spring Sing Kick Off. Basically almost the whole school went the gym at 9:30pm and were all dressed up crazy like and were ready to hear the theme announced. Page men were supposed to go as superheroes, well not very many of us did. I did and I borrowed Mary's Batman suit!! It was amazing fun. The theme this year is "If I could Turn Back Time." (taken from the song by Cher)

After the kickoff we went to the Study for a talent show. Cory's brother Tyler was in it and he was amazing. He is really talented on the guitar and singing. I went to that still in the batman suit it was funny!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I went to the Beach!! (finally)

Saturday I went to the beach with Kate, Cory, and Helen. It was such a perfect day for the beach. Kate left early and Helen and Cory and I dug a big hole (that kinda started as small holes with tunnels connected underground). Then we started to make a TV out of sand but that didn't work so we made something else. Still not sure what you might call it but the last picture its it.

Cory flinging and throwing seaweed.
Helen, Cory, and Kate chilling at beach ( i was but i was taking the video)
Helen, Cory, and I destroying our sand creation!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

So this post has no real point ...

No, I have not "fixed" my hair yet. I do plan to cut off the black that remains soon. It is getting longer and starting to really not look good and annoy me. And I really want it done before i go to Mexico in March. I'M SO EXCITED TO GO ON POTTER'S CLAY!! I'm aslo happy that Kate and Cory are going too!! Yay for friends!

Had meeting about Poland with Richard II cast today....I'M SO EXCITED!!

Today I slept thru Psychology for the first time. And on the day our revised essays were due too. I e-mailed my professor and she let me turn it in this afternoon and all is well. I also missed chapel for the first time this semester today too. I had awoken at 6:45am to my alarm and was set to get up, however the next thing i know I'm waking up to the phone ringing and it is 10:15am!! SO i missed class...and decided not to go to chapel and take a shower instead.

Tomorrow morning I am going to meet with my advisor and talk about the possibility of graduating in three years instead of four. I have decided that I would love to graduate early. Not because I dislike Westmont and want to leave as soon as possible, no that is not it.

WEll it is getting late and i need to be awake before 10am!!

Thanks for making a post about the graduating early thing Gillian. I totally forgot I posted that. I have talked to my advisor and decided that it probably isn't going to happen. I'd be in school year round for three years and I couldn't do that. And I totally want to do an off-campus program!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I had my first two shifts of Phonathon this week.
I worked Tuesday and tonight. I was going to work every Tues and Weds, but my schedule was changed and now I work Mondays and Wednesdays. I will probably like that better becasue I really did not like working for 3 hours two nights in a row.

The first night we just did thank you calls. Just like the calls I made when I volunteered for Thankathon. They are short and sweet. But for three hours, it gets kinda boring especially when you keep getting message machines.

Tonight though, we started with Thankathon calls then switched and did some actual Phonathon calls. I did not get any pledges tonight. In fact because it is Wednesday we got mostly message machines. Apparently most people have Bible studies and such on Wednesdays. So I got mostly machines tonight which was okay because I was still a little nervous about calling.