Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

We went to Firefly for lunch for father's day.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I am now a California Licensed Driver!!!
Sooo happy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Disneyland/License Test

So tuesday i went and applied for a job at disneyland. and i was hired!
i'm going to work in the stores in the westside of disneyland. now i have to do some paperwork and need to go back on monday to turn them in and finish some other paperwork. however, it has to be on tess's birthday :( i don't like that... now she has the day off and its her birthday so there is no chance in hell that i'm gonna ask her to drive me down there monday nor would she agree to do that anyway. sooo i need to pass my license test on friday.

speaking of driving... i had a behind the wheel lesson today. to refresh myself and to get some professional tips and corrections so that i will be ready to pass on friday. she showed me some very useful things for driving how the dmv reguires to pass. at the end of the lesson she said that if i work on those small things and practice them more in tomorrow's lesson too i should be fine, she said everything looked good. i have more confidence that i'll pass.

Monday, June 11, 2007


i'm 20 years old now.
Golly... i'm really entering into adulthood now... leaving the teen years behind...
graduating from college and moving out of the house really aren't that far away...

ok well happy birthday to me.
that's all for now.

Monday, June 04, 2007

should I?

so when i bought the red hair dye i also bought some black hair dye. i was in fact originally thinking of dying my hair black again but thought last minute i would try something new and if i didn't like it i'd dye over it black. but i liked the red sooo now that the red is faded and my roots are growing in brown... i wanna cut my hair short and dye it black.
i mean i already spent money on the dye... i don't wanna waste it by just never using it. plus if i cut my hair short then it will grown in fast and i can hopefully be almost back to brown by the time school starts again.

updated 6/10/07
i've decided not to dye my hair black. but to dye it brown and cut it as to try to get back to my normal color faster.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer work

So i made it through til the second round of the disney character audition today but alas was cut.
Now i'm am considering calling the LA Zoo and seeing if they'll hire me again for this summer. Due to a few people expressing concern about driving back and forth from disneyland and home, especially since i'll be a new driver when i get my license (test on the 15th!) i have thought about maybe seeing about the zoo.
If the zoo won't hire me again then i'll apply to disneyland for a normal job, not characters. and i'll look other places too in case disneyland doesn't hire me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

ponderments of a wannabe leading man

I've been pondering quite a bit about what it might be like to try to get into film or television. mostly i've been pondering if i'd even be good enough to impress audition panels. also i don't know the first thing about that realm. i don't know how to find auditions, if i need a manager or agent, etc etc. i just don't know. i mean i'm just thinking at this point. i don't know yet if this is a goal that one day i'd like to enter into that realm and see if i like it or if it is just a boyish dream. i have been told that film actors and live theatre actors are total different animals. i have heard that it takes a great actor to be good at both. i have also heard that it is easier for a live theatre actor to transition into film than it is for a film actor to transition into live theatre. i don't even know if now is the best time to start looking or if i should wait unitl i graduate. i don't know. it would be a miracle if i could find a summer acting job. i want to continue to work on my craft. and i don't want to have to wait for the school year to begin to do that.
i'm going to apply to work at Disneyland. i'm going home this weekend to audition for walk around characters. i really hope that i get a job as a character. it'd be acting for work. oh how fun that would be. we'll see come sunday.
well that is my pondering at the moment.
wish me luck at the disneyland auditions!!