Monday, October 23, 2006

Moving on...

I am moving on from myspace. I deleted my site this afternoon.
It was bringing me more drama than I really needed. So I got rid of it. I got sucked into it and was
making it have too much significance.
I will be using this blog more and facebook too. And I can't waste as much time on either of those sites as I could on myspace.

Facebook has this weird thing called a profile badge. The purpose is beyond me, but I made one a long time ago and i guess I'll post it now.

Nolan Hamlin's Facebook profile

i'm also moving on from the Lit Moon World Shakespeare Festival. The festival closed on Sunday night.
I really enjoyed the last week and a half or so seeing so many different shows and hanging out with so many cool theatre people.
Now i am preparing for my next projects. Which include:
1. The Car Play Project: for acting class i had to write one and i hope it will be chosen to be produced, cuz then i can direct it. and i will have to act in at least one of them. They are scheduled to be performed at the end of November early December.
2. The Directing Class Scenes: I auditioned to be in a scene that a student in John Blondell's directing class will direct. The scenes are from "The Three Sisters." Which will be next semesters production.
3. The Bone Shop: is a theatre company started by Rose Elfman, who graduated last year. it is a group made of Westmont, UCSB, and Santa Barbara Community College theatre students. We will be rehearsing and designing a show to be performed as part of Westmont's Fringe Festival next semester.

I shall be a very busy bee.
But i hope to keep posting updates as frequently as i can.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Four day in Napa

This weekend was a four day. We had Monday and Tuesday off school.
I went with a fairly large group of people to Napa to a friend's house.
It was a good time. Here are some pictures of some activities etc we did.

We went to a concert event called "Rock of Ages" on Saturday. It was an interesting event. I believe if I were a little kid or a total "rock out for Jesus" type, I would have enjoyed it more. On our way back from the concert, we stopped to look at a mill, that still works. It cost money to go inside and it was almost going to close for the day, so we just looked at the outside.

Sunday after church, we went to Snug Harbor. We spent the night there in the Snuggle Inns. We had crawdads (don't know how to spell that) for dinner. There at Snug Harbor we did water sports and relaxed. It was fun.