Wednesday, November 12, 2008

anyone listening?

when i made this blog i did update more often and i actually had people who would read it and comment it. now i get the feeling that no one is reading it. i think the people who used to read it gave up on me ever updating it. or maybe they got tired of the kind of the posts i make... i dunno. i think it is the first one, i mean i hadn't posted anything since june.
though the more i think about it, i think it might be better that the people who i knew used to read this aren't reading it anymore. i feel they are the kind of people that might read a post and read too far into it. if i were to post anything that might be a little sad, they think i'm depressed and think they should be all worried. i mean if i really was really depressed and needed to talk or vent i'd call someone up or talk to a friend in person.

i feel i go thru phases of wanting to post on here. sometimes i just am not sure i have anything to say.
i might have a few ideas for posts and then run out and stop... we'll see

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