Thursday, September 10, 2009

theatre for young audiences - alice

I hate when technology fails me.
My alarms failed me this morning when several of them did not go off and I awoke at 7:37 when I needed to be out the door at 7am! I had the delight of rushing like maniac to get out the door as soon as possible and make an attempt not to be very late to class. Then of course right on schedule there was plenty of traffic on the freeway, making me very uncomfortable and nervous. I imagine I am like most people and don't do well in the car on the freeway running late and stuck in slow slow slow traffic. At the very least I had my music to keep me company and to help control my annoyance. All that was running through my mind was I was going to get there too late and not find any parking close to the theatre. I kept thinking I was going to have to park in the annex parking lots and would be even more late. Finally I crawl off the freeway at about 8:40am. My class starts in ten minutes!

By some miracle I am able to find a close parking spot and am only a few minutes late to my class! While only a few minutes late I still feel awkward walking and being the only one late and everyone is already warming up. It was very hard for me to relax into our regular warm up as i was still feeling very worked up and nervous about my rush to get to class. And it felt as though she left us to warm up and drop into our bodies for a really long time today. I was so relieved when she finally had us stop and begin to get really started with rehearsal.

First announcement, casting!
We pulled chairs into a circle on the stage and she began to go through the list of characters and who would be playing them. I was very surprised when she said I was to play Alice's best friend Robin. I was expecting her to give that role to one of the guys she had worked with before and know his work better. I am pleasantly surprised by my casting and am looking forward to the process of the show.

We then read through the play with everyone in their new roles. It was a good read through and fun. I am looking forward to seeing it flesh out and how people flesh out their characters more as we move from just reading it to actually blocking and moving.

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