Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TYA/ Missing Westmont

Being in this Theatre for Young Audiences class/show at Citrus has been a fun experience but it has also made me realize how much i miss working with John/Mitchell at Westmont.

Getting used to a new director's style has been interesting, fun, and frustrating. While I totally understand her sense of humor and that makes working with her fun, she can have moments where i think i would handle the situation a totally different way. It makes me get into my (still young and budding) director's mind, and think of how i would do things differently. One change i would make is in regard to how we begin each class/rehearsal. We must do what she calls "dropping in" where we lay on the floor and engage in active breathing and it is supposed to get us to drop into our bodies and the correct way of breathing. Now i can see why this could be helpful but not for all actors. I know my body and i know that lying on the floor like this for too long does not help me at all. We have done this drop in for at least 30 min each time. i need to do some active breathing standing or while stretching. so it gets real annoying having to lie on the floor for soo long.

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